Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 19th, 2024

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We are looking for local music submissions!! If you’re in a local band in the New York or Long Island area and want your music to be featured on Fresh Blood, click here!

Winnetka Bowling League – “Handsome”

Runaway Ricochet – “Make It Out”

Loveless – “I Love It When It Rains”

Everything Everything – “Enter The Mirror”

Late Cambrian – “Late Bloomer” (feat Brendan Brown from Wheatus)

Travis – “Raze The Bar”

Rarity – “Kiss!”

Islander – “What A Time To Be Alive”

Sonic Universe – “Higher”

WISP – “Pandora”

Hooked Like Helen – “Duality”

Dayglow – “Every Little Thing I Say I Do”

Swerve – “Just Pretend”

The Ratchets – “Swagger With Kindness”

Spoken – “Anymore” (feat. Brian “Head” Welch)

Coheed and Cambria – “The Joke”

Scarlet View – “The Chase”

Ballsy – “Be Your Baby”

Candid – “The Feeling”

The Now – “Too Hot To Handle”

Eyes Like Midnight – “Digital Deity”

Nada Surf – “In Front of Me Now”

GEL – “Mirage”

Mapping The Sky – “Here and Not Here”

Crossbone Skully – “Money Sex Or God”

…and in our local artist spotlight…

Uchikatsu – “Neon Demons”
UCHIKATSU, taking its name from the Japanese word for a great overcoming or conquering, is a metal band from Long Island, NY, comprised of five members. It’s original conception began in 2021 when founding members and primary writers, Jonathan Rosario and Laurance Grube began toying with the idea of combining writing styles. Grube being a composer and producer, and Rosario being a lyricist and vocalist. After turning to long-term friends and musicians Ray Slavik (drums) and Russell McGrath (bass) to fully flush out the bands live sound, they set out to carve their own lane in the current musical climate. Drawing their sound from styles reminiscent of “Nu-Metal,” various “core” elements. Heavily saturated in horror fandom, the presence of classic film samples, cinematic synth backings, and intentional film-esque sound scores, the band was now dressed its colorful horror aesthetic. Bringing listeners on a hellride into the world and lore Uchikatsu created with their unique sound. Grim retellings of Rosario’s experiences seeped into the bands powerful lyrics. Comprised of trauma, violence, and desperation. An unrelenting anger and agony being ever present in the gritty vocal delivery and message. Visually using film elements to draw parallels between the fictitious on-screen horrors and that of real-life experience. In tandem to their music, Uchikatsu uses a thick visual scope to portray the bands lore and aesthetic. Album one taking place in a trauma induced delusion of a grim carnival freakshow. Complete with macabre reoccurring characters and settings. The lyrics tell a story of a man who is imprisoned, perhaps willingly, in a world of bizarre delusion and escapism. In 2022 the bands visual elements drew the attention of Long Island’s Darkside Haunted House, upon which vocalist Jonathan Rosario and his visual team began producing commercials for in their unique style. As of 2023 Uchikatsu added their second guitarist and performer Nathan Graves, a musician and haunt actor, to expand the bands live sound even further. With intentions of bringing a visual performance art aspect to their live experience, Uchikatsu uses extensive live show performances similar to that of a haunted house attraction in their live sets. Incorporating carnival characters and sideshow freaks to interact with the audience in a cotton candy sugar high induced insanity. A fully immersive horror, live music experience.

Mouse Rat – “5,000 Candles In The Wind”