Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Fresh Blood is sponsored by The Warehouse in Amityville and 89 North in Patchogue – Your live music and event space!

We are looking for local music submissions!! If you’re in a local band in the New York or Long Island area and want your music to be featured on Fresh Blood, click here!

Hooked Like Helen – “Duality”

The Spill Canvas – “Ruiner”

Sonic Universe – “Higher”

Fu Manchu – “Hands of the Zodiac”

Boston Manor – “Sliding Doors”

Everything Everything – “Enter The Mirror”

WISP – “Pandora”

Babylon A.D. – “Wrecking Machine”

Murderers – “Thoughts and Prayers”

Alexandra Leaving – “Pretty Suspicious”

Mapping The Sky – “Here and Not Here”

Ballsy – “Be Your Baby”

Fontaines D.C. –  “Starburster”

Runaway Ricochet – “Make It Out”

The Now – “Too Hot To Handle”

GEL – “Mirage”

Zillion – “War Inside of Me”

Magg Dylan – “Repeat”

Pearl Jam – “Wreckage”

Swerve – “Just Pretend”

Late Cambrian – “Late Bloomer” (feat Brendan Brown from Wheatus)

Spoken – “Anymore” (feat. Brian “Head” Welch)

Scarlet View – “The Chase”

Once Around – “Love and War”

NOFX – ‘I’m a Rat”

Rarity – “Kiss!”

…and in our local artist spotlight…

sarGasm – “Dancing My Way Home”
Band Bio:
SarGasm is a four piece hard rock group from Long Island, NY. Opening for acts such CKY, Helmet, Bam Margera, Pyschostick, Smile Empty Soul. Featured in UK’s “Classic Rock” Magazine ranked 1st on the best new bands list. Their last single ‘Always’ was ranked 17 on Australian radio in ’18 in-between Weezer and NIN.
When the guys in SarGasm aren’t slamming down cans of Miller Lite, they can be found writing some tasty jams that you can bang your head, and shake your hips to. it’s quite obvious these guys draw influence from bands like CKY, Metallica, Mastodon, and Baroness, but their approach is different. They stand out, similar to how Ren & Stimpy stood out from all the other Saturday morning cartoons…

Atomic Tom – “Heroes”