Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Jamie had a delightful chat with actor/author/comedian/musician and about 500 million other things most people can’t handle, Dave Hill! His fourth book THE AWESOME GAME: ONE MAN’S INCREDIBLE, GLOBE-CRUSHING HOCKEY ODYSSEY , which is in stores now!

Dave Hill—author, actor, rock musician and stand-up comedian—is a truly outstanding American. For one thing, he’s part Canadian. For another, and maybe this has something to do with his Canadian heritage, he’s a totally obsessive fan of hockey. That makes him a minority within a minority: apparently only five percent of the U.S. population admit to liking hockey more than any other sport.

One man’s search to answer the ultimate question in sports: Why is hockey so incredibly awesome?

In his latest opus, Dave tackles this hockey conundrum with full force, drilling down into what makes hockey so dang important in so many parts of the world, despite the average American not recognizing the sport’s preeminent greatness. His search for the very soul of hockey has taken him across the globe, from Poland to Kenya.

During our incredible chat, we talked about the book, his experience playing hockey in Kenya, what it means to bond over hockey, the inside scoop on the new Valley Lodge album, and what it was like to open for Tenacious D.

Also, he really really REALLY wants to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” and/or “O Canada” at a hockey game this season. Make it happen, NHL!!!

Check out Dave Hill’s website by clicking here, and follow him on Instagram and TikTok!