Fresh Blood Playlist – May 21st, 2023

Fresh Blood Playlist – May 21st, 2023

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, May 21st, 2023

Fresh Blood is sponsored by The Warehouse in Amityville and 89 North in Patchogue – “It’s All About The Music!”

We are looking for local music submissions!! If you’re in a local band in the New York or Long Island area and want your music to be featured on Fresh Blood, click here!

Local Natives – “NYE”

Dreamers – Dodging Sunshine (Fever Dreams) [feat. Robert DeLong]

Corey Taylor – “Beyond”

Set It Off – “Punching Bag”

Palace – “Live Well”

MisterWives – “Nosebleeds”

Durry – “Who’s Laughing Now?”

Filter – “Face Down”

Queens of the Stone Age – “Emotion Sickness”

MCHNZ – “Gravity”

Dolly Ave – “Summer”

The Hives – “Bogus Operandi”

Stephen Stanley – “The Edge”

Albert Hammond Jr. – “Old Man”

Within Temptation – “Wireless”

DRAIN – “Run Your Luck”

Holding Absence – “False Dawn”

Des Rocs – “Never Ending Moment”

LOVEJOY – “Portrait of a Blank Slate”

Ocean Alley – “West Coast”

Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Stuck”

Caskets – “More Than Misery”

Saul – “A Million Miles”

HARDY – “Sold Out”

1st Base Runner – “Tenori”

Siamese – “The Shape of Water”

…and in our local artist spotlight…

Evil Sweet – “Something”