Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

The Great One.

Yes, I would be talking about Wayne Gretzky if this were a hockey essay. Since this isn’t a 30-minute sports news loop however, I am talking about the guy who created an EMPIRE out of a project that began as a 30 minute 8mm trailer that cost $1,600 to produce.

Bruce Campbell is a prolifically decorated actor, with credits ranging from TV leads to feature length film franchises that vary in genre and style. He actually touches upon how he’s known by different groups of fans in the interview we’re about to listen to together. I have been a big fan of his work since I saw Army Of Darkness in the theater when I was 14. Yes I lied to the cashier about what movie I was seeing. That movie BLEW my mind! Imagine my surprise when while I was bragging to my movie buff uncle about my “find” that there were TWO movies that pre-dated it!

Bruce Campbell was cool, funny, and told great stories. Just like some geeky 14 year old horror fan would imagine the experience to be like.

Bruce Campbell is coming to the Patchogue Theater on Saturday, April 15th – click here for more info, and to buy tickets!

(Image Credit: Art Sears)