Katee Sackoff

Katee Sackoff

Have you checked out season 3 yet? Wait… do I have to mention that we’re talking about The Mandalorian?

Since the show started it’s been a huge watercooler conversation at the office although the buzz about season 3 doesn’t seem as loud as it was for the previous two years. Reviews have been good. I wonder if we just have “too much to watch” now? They’re already talking about Cobra Kai season SIX!

I have only seen one episode of the most recent season of this beloved TV series within the Star Wars universe but it’s promising. Katee Sackoff is AWESOME as Bo-Katan Kryze and she has more experience with the role than what we saw on The Mandalorian. She voices the character in the animated Clone Wars series as well. She explains in depth what we should expect this year without spoiling a thing.

Thank you Katee!

(Photo credit: Art Sears)