Off Limits

Off Limits

Admittingly so, it’s so much better when a karaoke singer CAN’T sing. Who wants to see someone do a good job up there? BORRRRIIINNGGGG!

Unless… that fearless entertainment warrior is attempting to cover hallowed ground.

Is there a more powerful gut punch than your favorite song getting massacred by someone who took full advantage of that night’s drink specials? It’s even worse when the cover band messes up your favorite song because they’re at least getting PAID to play it. Favorite songs are subjective too. Certain songs, regardless of musical taste, are best left to the creators of the masterpieces to cover. Have you ever heard someone try to do “Bohemian Rhapsody” and do all FOUR parts of the harmony? If you own a dog and live close to a bar who hosts karaoke nights, that poor pup has suffered through quite a few massacred renditions of Toto’s “Africa”.

For you… what’s that one song that should be left alone, never to be touched by the amateur rock star?

(Image: AP Newsroom)