New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

Well most gyms will look like the peak of a WWE Royal Rumble with hundreds of sweaty people working off two weeks worth of cheese and bread and the roads might look backed with many home on winter recess, but when it comes to resolutions, do YOU hold on to keeping them more than a few weeks?

Listen, by no means do I think I am perfect and you have proven time and a gain with your witty calls, sarcastic comebacks and social media posts that you have more talent than I do, but one thing I really don’t wanna change is how you and I hang out every morning.

Sure, I’m open to suggestions on tweaking something here and there, but sometimes I get things like, “Hey you should talk more in the morning” or “Bro, why not do a feature on Norwegian Death Metal Bands whose names start with F but only on Tuesdays at 7:15?”.

Well we love the music here so I think talking more would take away from that. I also think what we do on a daily basis together IS the feature. We talk music. We talk about any good movies and TV shows coming up and we have some laughs. I have gotten to enjoy that with you for what’s going on 9 years now and I would to do it for another 9.

If there is a cool event happening or new restaurant to check out, I would LOVE it if you let me know. You can use [email protected] but my main resolution to you is to just keep it light, music-driven, and free of politics and drama. Happy New Year. Thank you and hope to see you in the morning.