Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Where was the craziest place you ever found something you lost? Someplace so inexplicable there isn’t enough tequila in the world to BEGIN to understand how it might have ended up where it did?

So, quick story. I lost my wallet recently. I looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Yes, in between the seat cushions.

Yes, under the couch – TWICE.

The car? Yeah, and pulled the mats out twice.

Then, I checked the hamper and the pockets of every pair of jeans. Yeah, even the inside pockets where there was no way it could have fit.

So, where was my wallet? After three days, some self-loathing, and words the neighbors never needed to hear? In the washing machine.

I SWORE I checked every pocket. Then a funny thing happened. On the way in that morning, two of my grandmother’s favorite songs came on back to back. I smiled but hey, coincidences happen. Then after the mess I made for myself for half of a week without ID and a debit card, I decided to treat myself to lunch at a new Mexican place near my house. I was thinking to myself, “Man I know that was Grandma but I wish there was a way she could just called me from beyond and say ‘THAT WAS ME DUMMY!’.”

Then I laughed because the Mets were on the TV at the bar overhead. The Mets were our thing and our big joke since I was 8 was that they never threw a no-hitter. Every time the first hit was made by an opposing team, she’d say “WELL, THERE GOES THE NO-HITTER, BRI”. When the Mets finally DID pitch their first no – no on 6-1-2012, she was on the phone with me before the umpire yelled the final “YOU’RE OUT!” So imagine my surprise when now that I’m back in present time, sitting at that restaurant when the waiter came over and said “Hi my name is Johan and I’ll be your server today”. For any non-Mets nut, the first pitcher to ever throw a no-hitter for them was Johan Santana. So even as I get choked up typing this, the question remains, have you ever found something that was so stubbornly lost that finding it seemed like some kind of miracle?

That’s my story. I would love to hear yours – [email protected] .