Baseball vs Hockey

Baseball vs Hockey

New York Rangers right wing Ryan Reaves during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, at Madison Square Garden in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Remember that old George Carlin skit “Football vs Baseball“? That legendary comedian did that as the first host of the first ever episode of SNL. It’s still ridiculously funny but as a baseball fan, you might get a little defensive as he reduces America’s pastime to a wussy intermural activity that just happens to be played by millionaires.

Hockey? Well we fans are used to our favorite sport getting dumped on. It doesn’t even make the front page of during some parts of the year but all 19 American soccer fans will rest easy having fast access to the results of the latest Red Bulls game.

It should though, be somewhat satisfying to watch a game like the Rangers vs the Flyers at the Garden last night and laugh at what people are missing. The score was 0-0…. into overtime. The ONLY goal made last night was registered at just past the 64 minute mark and gave the Rangers their third win in a row. Sounds boring right? It may have been one of the best games I ever watched on TV. FOUR Rangers shots hit the post. Both goalies defied the laws of physics to make saves and keep the game scoreless. Young professional athletes were exhausted and kept playing. There may not be another sport where a 0-0 game for one hour can be THAT exciting.

We already discussed soccer. Stop. Baseball has had plenty of 1-0 pitchers’ duels and unless there is a no hitter going on, its usually a snooze fest. Low scoring football games can get old fast. They score 7 million points in basketball so that really leaves hockey. It’s a non-stop, ultra¬†physical sport that is full of action no matter WHAT is happening. If you ever thought about getting into the NHL for something to do AFTER football and before baseball, check out highlights of last night’s Rangers game. Made me proud to be a hockey fan.