Orlando chats with Jerry O’Connell

Orlando chats with Jerry O’Connell

Man did I screw up… all week.

Jerry O’Connell was scheduled to be on and I kept telling you that we were gonna ask him about his time playing Robin and does he want a second chance at a superhero movie because Batman and Robin is considered to be so terrible? We did ask him, too. He answered. He seemed weirded out… but he answered.

That’s because I mixed him up with Chris O’Donnell. All week I had the wrong actor.

No, I’m not gonna edit it. Its HILARIOUS. I hope Jerry knows its no disrespect to him. I simply screwed up…. HUGE SCREW UP…

Since I wasn’t corrected all week leading up to the interview, I either confused you as badly as I confused myself, or you had mercy on me. This is Long Island though… I doubt it was mercy. So my screw up…. Here is the interview.

Photo Credit: Art Sears