In this Nov. 21, 2013, photo a replica leg lamp is displayed with other memorabilia at the Christmas Story museum in Cleveland. The museum expects an influx of visitors on the 30th anniversary of "A Christmas Story," the quirky holiday film turned classic in the city where Ralphie's house was restored on a bluff overlooking the steel mills. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

I don’t think there is anyway to tell the difference between a sequel, a remake, and reboot anymore. The one thing that might be harder than deciphering between the three definitions is finding a movie that isn’t re-ANYTHING!

Just this week we learned that Twister 2 was happening AND A Christmas Story is getting a part two. With that news, my first thought, where the heck did they find Ralphie? Twister was a pretty big movie but I’m supposed to believe someone’s grandmother is STILL chasing tornadoes for fun?

You know Led Zeppelin made a career out of ripping off blues musicians… okay, borrowing heavily and giving them little to no credit without lawyers getting involved. Today, we just REMAKE everything and act like it’s the greatest thing in the world. At this point, give me a muscle-bound dude with great hair dressed in red with a blue cape called AWESOME DUDE from the planet Melmac who is allergic to strawberries. THAT, I would have some interest in. When you just re-do EVERYTHING, it gets  a little boring, no??