Orlando speaks with filmmaker Brett Morgen

Orlando speaks with filmmaker Brett Morgen

Who do you consider to be legendary? Even deeper than that, does a person need to be deceased to be a legend?

In the 1960’s, the then WWF Champion, Bruno Sammartino was knows as the “Living Legend” which brings us back to a question with perhaps no definitive answer.

What is a legend? Are Metallica legends? Around since 1983, Metallica made people notice heavy metal after Black Sabbath faded away, and influenced thousands of bands after them… but for some reason, legend doesn’t seem like the right title for them. They seem to HUMAN.

David Bowie on the other hand seemed like something otherworldly and ran all of the way to the heights of creative genius with that concept. He seemed almost impossible to reach. Maybe that’s why they’re still making movies about him more than half a decade after he passed away. Filmmaker Brett Morgen talks about WHY Bowie, was, is, and always will be a legend.

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