So at what age do you stop looking at every birthday as being important? As a kid, each year meant presents so each year was a BIG deal. Then your teenage years happened and there were a few but the eye on the prize was 21. You dreamt about it… you pictured how it would go down and who would be there when it did, and you counted down the days until it happened… then reality set in. Every birthday from that point on would be just another reminder that we’re getting older.¬†

Once you shake off that depressing and factual statement, you start to remember that birthdays ARE fun. They are celebrations that draw out familiar faces that wouldn’t generate the energy to BE with you unless is was a special day. Your special day. It’s cool to embrace it

We are embracing ours. For a rock station that plays the AMOUNT of rock genres that we dare, 10 years is a milestone. 10 years is a hundred years. Stations like ours don’t last this long in other places. Heck, they don’t last HERE. We can name a dozen stations that came and went after a few Alice In Chains songs. 943 The Shark is still here because of YOU. Nobody paid me to say that. I didn’t write that for any reason other than it’s probably the most accurate statement I can make about this station. You turned us on everyday for the better part of TEN YEARS. In return we tried to give you the BEST experiences, with concerts, parties and events that we possibly could. We had some tough moments together and we got through them BECAUSE we faced them together. I couldn’t have gotten through Chris Cornell’s passing if you weren’t with me that entire morning. On the phone, through Facebook Live, coaching me through the moments that I got choked up.

This isn’t a one-way street. We are an effing team. So in 8 days, 94.3 The Shark turns 10. Our official party is at Whiskey Neat in Patchogue, right on Main Street from 5-9 pm. We’re breaking out some Tecmo super bowl that’s free to play and taste-testing three drinks that will become the official “Shark Whiskey Wave”.

You don’t have to be a drinker either. Whiskey Neat has a killer menu and Rob and I are broadcasting live the whole time. It’s open to you. This is my invitation. We’ll have concert tickets to give away and stories to tell that we have and will make together. Thank you for 10 years. Hope you are there to celebrate next Wednesday¬†the 14th!