Rubbing You the Right Way

Rubbing You the Right Way

This Nov. 16, 2015 photo shows hands off party wings with cilantro sour cream dip and honey sriracha in Concord, N.H. These wings require almost no effort from you. The secret is baking powder. The baking powder reacts with the skin, helping to draw out moisture. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

I have mentioned cooking pretty much exclusively with an air fryer for a few years now. It truly is one of life’s greatest hacks to save time on preparing the second greatest pleasure in life and still maintain a high level of quality in your food. In 15 minutes you can have a steak, chicken breast or veggies served up with no grease and a ton of flavor.

Now even with the juiciest piece of meat, eventually your mouth is gonna want to taste something else. We’re also heading into football season so wings are gonna come up by request. The EASIEST way that I found to season anything into a brand new adventure is by using dry rubs on your food in the air fryer. My go-to is this everything bagel seasoning. Just coat some defrosted wings with the stuff, toss them into the air fryer until they’re cooked to your liking and you have a halftime-worthy meal waiting for you. I also use that same dry rub on steak and it’s way better than salt.

Now there are many choices other than everything bagel seasoning. You might be a plain bagel person so what about your sirloin? I have used a Lime Chili Dry rub on red meat that no one has complained about yet. Did I mention I have an Italian family so this is not a common thing to say? There is a raspberry pepper rub I am still waiting to try and I am open to any suggestions YOU have – email [email protected] . There is just less mess with dry rubs than marinades and who the heck wants to spend all night cleaning, especially if the Giants lose?

(Image: AP Newsroom)