Finding Something New In Something Old

Finding Something New In Something Old

Matchbox Twenty performs during a Video Shoot in Los Angeles on Wednesday August 8, 2007. Band members are: Kyle Cook, Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette Adam Gaynor, and Brian Yale. (AP Photo/Chris Polk)

Have you ever heard of Tabitha’s Secret? I haven’t either. Well, until this past Saturday I never heard of them. They formed in 1990 and broke up in the mid 90’s when the lead singer went off to pursue other projects. Okay, that happens to millions of bands. Why should you care?

Well first, because I just discovered their song “Here Comes Horses” which stopped me dead in my tracks… you are a heartless monster if these lyrics don’t move you. Yes, I am breaking out all of my ammo to get you to check this out.

The singer of Tabitha’s Secret happens to be a guy named Rob Thomas. Yeah, the same guy who sings in Matchbox Twenty and haunted our dreams with that stupid Santana collaboration.

In all fairness, Tabitha’s Secret wasn’t much heavier and Shark-friendly than Matchbox Twenty, but it WAS slightly edgier, and “Here Comes Horses” is probably their shining moment. It turns out that the label interested in the band wanted Rob Thomas to sign without the band and then have more control over the songs. Thomas took half the band and formed Matchbox Twenty and the members of Tabitha’s Secret wound up releasing old demos and live tracks to capitalize on Matchbox Twenty’s success. They called the first Tabitha’s Secret album “Don’t Play With Matches”, which is savage.

If you get a moment. Check out this song and let me know what you think Instagram is Orlando0616

(Image: AP Newsroom)