Do You Speak Song?

Do You Speak Song?

If these high prices make it seem like only stacked actors can afford trips across the country lately, learn to fly with 94.3 The Shark and win a trip to Los Angeles on our dime to see Dave Grohl and an ALL-STAR lineup of special friends pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins at the KIA Forum in September.

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We have another confession to make… it’s not just two tickets but round trip airfare and hotel accommodations as well, courtesy of Ticket Bash dot com

Okay, so what I just did was obnoxiously use a whole lot of Foo Fighters lyrics to drive the point home that we’re giving you a chance to see what might be the last time they play in the United States. Did I HAVE to use song lyrics? Probably not, but life is a lot more fun this way.

You know that thing I say every time I sign off? “Gonna Miss You Baby, Good Luck Good Bye” is the last line to a Bruce Springsteen song called “Bobby Jean” and it’s a tribute to my best friend who passed when we were 18. Now, I probably could just say his name or play a song for him but there is something about incorporating a song lyric into what we’re saying that makes it seem more personable, more honest.

It’s like a revealing of the sacred dialect and we’re letting each other know we “get it” whenever we use song lyrics in our speech. If you look at somebody during a road trip and say “We’re halfway there” and they don’t immediately scream “WHOA HOOOO”, I would drop them off at the nearest bus station and never speak to them again. (I’m kidding… but I wouldn’t trust them).

To me, using song lyrics when trying to get a point across is just that extra step to let whoever you’re talking to know that you’re not full of it, and you get them. So if someone is talking in song, maybe they’re not a raging psycho… but just a passionate music nerd trying to let you know they “get you”.