What Has Happened In A Decade??

What Has Happened In A Decade??

In THIS decade, I feel like the world changed 52 times. If this was 1922, looking back on 1912 may not have seemed like such a big deal. There would be a lot less pics on social media to reference and since things moved so much slower back then, 10 years probably isn’t a large chunk of time to witness change within. Phones were JUST being invented, while I have been through five iPhones since 2012…

As 94.3 The Shark approaches 10 years old this September 14th, I have been scanning through old pics from events and concerts and a few things have come to mind. 

  1. Where the hell are those hoodies and which thieving ex has them hostage?
  2. We have been to a LOT of concerts and festivals together.
  3. We haven’t changed. At all.

Sure, many of us could fit into our favorite jeans a little easier in 2012 and could handle getting home after an Alice In Chains concert at 1am without dreading the alarm clock to the point of full blown panic. However, it’s still you and this station, soaking in everything this island has to offer – street fairs, happy hours, car shows.

94.3 The Shark isn’t a radio station. It’s part of a very full and active lifestyle. Even if your favorite activity is binge watching shows on one of your 7 streaming services, we probably talked about it on these airwaves, sharing tips on what shows were worth the time and who’s doing a good job.

Sure, I would love to LOOK like I did 10 years ago… but the truth is, you have kept me as young as possible. I am lucky. Lucky you share this lifestyle and made it the best ten years of my life.

We won’t get old… just more fun