Best Song From A Movie?

Best Song From A Movie?

What is the best song from a movie?

I thought about this because I just saw on our Facebook page that “The Legend Of Billie Jean” was released in movie theaters internationally 37 years ago today. Fair is fair in saying it was a good movie for its time, but there was a LOT of drama going on over a dirt bike or whatever it was. The details are sketchy, but what does come to mind much more easily is the movie’s theme song.

Long Island’s own Pat Benatar recorded “Invincible” which plays over the end credits and no matter how you feel about 80’s pop music, you WILL tap your feet and hum along… and then you’ll think about Helen Slater’s short haircut and how all of the kids in the movie started doing it. That’s what a good movie song does – it gets you to remember the movie it came from.

When the Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody” starts playing at Walgreens, we immediately reach for pottery material and ask the woman at the counter what she did to her hair. We may not recall one moment of Arnold’s bomb of a movie Last Action Hero, but man we are positive AC/DC had a song on the soundtrack.

So what song immediately makes YOU think of the movie it came from?

(Image: AP Newsroom)