When No One is Looking

When No One is Looking

We all have those songs designated for when we’re alone in the car, right?  I mean, we ALL listen to the Shark ALL day, but there are those rare occasions when our hand accidentally slips to the auxiliary cord, and our phones are already playing music.

There was a song from 2003 that always caught my attention even though I would never admit it to my friends while on our way to Ozzfest. I mean to save face, the reason why it caught my attention is because the singer was buck naked on the album cover.

Liz Phair.

She wasn’t what we would listen to here… BUT… it’s close. Yes, it’s a pop song but it has this riff that makes you think she owned a few Van Halen albums and not the one with Gary Cherone.

Sometimes — not often but sometimes — it’s cool to admit we have a softer side.

Do you remember this song? Let me know what you think.