What Makes A Legend?

What Makes A Legend?

At one point, the term “legend” was reserved for people who were no longer with us on the planet. There was an old-school wrestler named Bruno Sammartino who’s moniker was the “Living Legend”, and that might have helped open the door for those still with us earning that name.

Ironically, it was a picture of WWE legend The Undertaker from his final match at the Garden that popped up in my Facebook memories that inspired this right now. The man has been with the WWE since 1991 and sold out more arenas than most. A UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya just used the Undertaker’s entrance music before his fight inside the Octagon. In 2022.

When you’re still inspiring those who came after you over 30 years later, you’re a legend. How can you not be? What bands would you consider legends? Are the Foo Fighters there yet? What about actors? Shirley MacLaine just took a role on Only Murders In The Building at 88 years old and doesn’t look like she missed a step.

So for you, What makes a legend?

(Image Credit: Orlando!)