Circle Gets The Square!

Circle Gets The Square!

Television host and actor John Davidson is seen on October 2, 1982. (AP Photo)

So when I got the email asking if I had interest in interviewing “John Davidson”, my mind started to race about all of the dirt I can uncover about his unceremonious firing as GM of the New York Rangers and explore his frustration over seeing his vision come to fruition with someone else at the helm… 

Then I realized it wasn’t THAT John Davidson. Then I got even more pumped for it.

It hit me. I was going to interview the LEGEND of game shows!

Picture it. Patchogue, NY 1987. My grandmother and I glued to the TV on a Monday night at 8 pm anxiously awaiting what NINE celebrities would be awaiting us for the week on Hollywood Squares as lower middle square Shadoe Stevens slowly introduced the new cast one by one. Then he’d cast it over to the host. The smooth talking, ALWAYS smiling John Davidson.

Although it was usually getting dark or already dark by the time Hollywood Squares came on, those pearly white teeth lit up the night. So this? This was a treat going back to a time when for 30 minutes, the only thing that mattered was if circle got the square.

Check out my interview with John Davidson below!

(Image: AP Newsroom)