“Where Are They” Wednesday

“Where Are They” Wednesday

Have you ever wondered how some bands used to have five or six songs that everyone knew back in the day and now only seem to have one or two?

Now the rules have always been different here at the Shark, so we will always hear more than what’s considered the “standard issued hit single” but so many bands had a LOT more than than they do now.

Soundgarden’s “My Wave” used to be as popular as “Black Hole Sun”, but it didn’t seem to hold up as well in the world of mainstream popularity after the new-ness of the song wore off. Guns ‘n Roses released a TON of singles from both Use Your Illusion albums and although “November Rain”, “Don’t Cry”, “Live and Let Die” and “You Could Be Mine” are all still celebrated today. “Yesterdays” seems to have been left exactly there in 2022.

So I thought it would be cool if once a week we looked at “forgotten hits”.

To this day, every single rock kid born between 75-89 will mutter the words “Now Maybe” as that signature riff to Candlebox “Far Behind” blares through any bar in this county’s jukebox speakers. The same group will scream an F-Bomb when the uncensored version of Candlebox “You” comes on. Those two songs remain woven into the culture of 90’s rock long after the band faded from mainstream attention. The question is, why isn’t “Cover Me” still a staple is the casual grunge music survival kit? Remember “Cover Me”? It was HUGE. It had an official video on MTV, got tons of radio play and even provided its own epic F-Bomb moment… TWO… so why has “Cover Me” been forgotten where “Far Behind” and “You” have not?

The lyrics to this song are an actual argument that the lead singer Kevin Martin had with his guitarist Peter Klett about religion while blowing off steam at a local Seattle bar after a recording session for the debut album. Could it have lost popularity over time because of the religious content? I doubt it because who knew it dealt with religion until the internet came along? I think some songs just fade while others never seem to lose their shine… so that’s where we come in.

Once a week we will break out the wax and an old rag and polish off some of these forgotten classics. Any suggestions? Please send them over to [email protected]

(Image: Mid-Day Jamie!)