Copying…or Borrowing??

Copying…or Borrowing??

Throughout time, there have been many instances of a musician turning out a piece of music that sounded almost exactly like someone else’s work.

George Harrison of the Beatles put out his 70’s hit “My Sweet Lord” without anyone running up to tell him it was pretty much the Chiffons “She’s So Fine”, which ended up leading to a copyright lawsuit. 

Kurt Cobain was against releasing “Come As You Are” as a single out of fear that people would pick up on the similarities between his “original” composition and Killing Joke’s 1984 tune “Eighties”.

If you really want to hear an exact riff replica, listen to “Hungry For Heaven” by Dio from the VisionQuest soundtrack and try not to fall into a “Teenage Wasteland” ruled by some guy named Baba O’Reilly…

With this latest example of songs that sound similar, it’s not that Demi Lovato COPIED Hole’s “Celebrity Skin”, but did such a great job honing in on its attitude that there are MANY similarities between the two.

Take a listen. What do you think???

(Image: AP Newsroom)