Mid-Day Musings – June 8, 2020

Mid-Day Musings – June 8, 2020

New York just announced schools will be able to hold outdoor graduation ceremonies starting June 26th.  Last Wednesday was the first day since March 12th with no COVID-19 deaths in New York City.

Elmo stepped up this weekend to help us understand racism. “Sesame Street” and CNN teamed up for a town hall Saturday morning about “Standing Up to Racism” . . . and it started out with Elmo learning about racism from his dad, Louie.

(Not gonna lie, I got emotional watching this.)



“Not all streets are like Sesame Street. … What we are seeing is people saying ‘enough is enough.’ They want to end racism.”@Elmo’s dad Louie explains why people are protesting across the US. http://cnn.com/sesamestreet 

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In the new Looney Tunes cartoons on HBO Max, no guns are allowed.  Even Elmer Fudd will have to do without one when he hunts Bugs Bunny. Check out the clip below. Elmer is using a scythe… you know, like the Grim Reaper would use.
But a producer says there will still be old-school “cartoony violence.”


To cheer her kids up, a mom in New York has been redesigning the covers of famous children’s books to make them coronavirus themed.  And they’re a hit on Instagram.  For example, she reworked “Green Eggs and Ham”, so it’s “Green Eggs and Wash Your Hands.”