Mid-Day Jamie Chats with Dave Hill!

Mid-Day Jamie Chats with Dave Hill!

I had a wonderful conversation with author, actor, comedian, and musician Dave Hill. He was kind enough to chat with me over Zoom, which was an awesome and fun experience!

We talked about the release of his second comedy album The Pride of Cleveland which is out now on 800lb Gorilla Records – click here to check it out! It’s amazingly funny and wonderful!

We also talked about Witch Taint’s debut album Sons of Midwestern Darkness which is out now on TeePee Records, his third book Parking the Moose: One American’s Epic Quest to Uncover His Incredible Canadian Roots, the cool way he’s raising money for charity on his Cameo page, his role in the upcoming movie Drunk Bus, all the new ways of performing comedy while we’re all stuck in our houses and SO. MUCH. MORE.

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Dave Hill is the lead singer of Valley Lodge – their song “Go” is the theme song to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO, which recently got some love from the man himself on a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Dave Hill is also part of Painted Doll, who will be releasing their second album soon!

Dave Hill has a podcast – Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident on the Maximum Fun Network with new episodes out every Friday!

Read more about Witch Taint’s backstory at The Black Metal Dialogues and follow them on Facebook.

Watch the video for Witch Taint’s song “Death To Death Metal”. This song is catchy as hell and the video is great!