Mid-Day Musings – A Quick(?) Rundown on the Big Game Commercials

Mid-Day Musings – A Quick(?) Rundown on the Big Game Commercials

Here’s a quick rundown on all the ads featured in this year’s Big Game.

Remember Isaiah Mustafa, the ripped Old Spice guy on a horse?   Well, he’s returning in a new ad 10 years after the original . . . and this time he’s an “embarrassing dad” to his son, who’s played by “Straight Outta Compton” star Keith Powers.

(Check them out, here and here.)



There’s also an ad for Sabra Hummus, starring former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” enemies Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo.  (Here’s a teaser.)


Lil Nas X is doing a Western-themed ad for Doritos . . . and his “Old Town Road” collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus is also onboard.  (Here’s a preview.)  Sam Elliott is also a part of the campaign.  (Here’s that.)



5.  There will be a Pepsi ad starring Missy Elliott and H.E.R.



Molly Ringwald is starring in a campaign for Avocados From Mexico.  (There are teasers, here and here.)



Little Caesars is doing a commercial with Rainn Wilson from “The Office”.  (Check out teasers, here and here.)



MC Hammer is doing a Cheetos ad.  (There are teasers, here and here.)



There will be a Pop Tarts ad with Jonathan Van Ness from “Queer Eye”.  (There’s a preview, here.)


Hyundai is doing a commercial with former “SNL” star Rachel Dratch and former baseball star David Ortiz, a.k.a. Big Papi.  There’s a clip online where they’re working on a Boston accent.  (Check it out, here.)


Mountain Dew is parodying “The Shining”.  (Check it out, here.)


Pringles has tapped Rick and Morty!  (Here’s a teaser.)


Budweiser is playing it SAFE this year . . . and no, it’s not another sappy ad about cute barnyard animals.  Although, they might do that too.  It’s a patriotic, feel-good commercial about “Typical Americans.”

(Here’s the ad.  And it looks like they might be going back to the “Whassup!” well.)



Kia has a feel-good ad, as well.  (Here’s a teaser.)


Winona Ryder stars in a Squarespace commercial about returning to her birthplace of Winona, Minnesota.

(Here’s video.  She also shows off her weird way of pronouncing laundromat.)


Katie Couric is in an ad for Olay.  (There are clips, here and here.)



Snickers is working to “Fix the World.”  (There are clips, here and here.)



Bill Nye the Science Guy is doing an ad for SodaStream.  (Here’s a teaser.)