New York Comic-Con – Archer: Danger Island

New York Comic-Con – Archer: Danger Island

Once again, a packed Hammerstein Ballroom was home to the FXX Archer panel and screening at New York Comic-Con 2017.

This year, we were introduced to Archer – Danger Island.

Fans were treated to a “slightly unfinished” premiere screening of the first episode of the upcoming ninth season which finds the characters as different versions of themselves.

The season has been dubbed “Danger Island,” and the main characters are owners and managers of an island-based hotel and charter plane company.
– Archer and Pam are seaplane pilots,
– Malory is a bar owner who runs the resort (and still Sterling’s mom).
– Cheryl plays a newlywed heiress who is visiting the island on her honeymoon.
– Lana is an exotic island princess looking to purchase a portion of land on the island.
– Cyril appears to be an English real estate mogul whose character name sounds like it rhymes with “Ducks”.

The biggest character shift belongs to Dr. Krieger, brilliantly played by Lucky Yates, who has been transformed into a wisecracking parrot named Crackers, which he has no problem with. “I don’t care if we ever see Krieger again,” Yates proclaimed at one point during the panel.

After the screening, the panel invited the audience to ask questions. Archer Executive Producer Matt Thompson took to the stage, along with co-executive producer Casey Willis, and cast members Lucky Yates, Amber Nash, and Aisha Tyler.

Seeing as this is the show’s penultimate season, fans were wondering if the show will ever get back to its original premise, to which Thompson said “We’re going back to all that. We’re gonna get to everything–hopefully. We won’t leave it hanging.”

Another fan inquired about the possibility of an Archer movie. Willis said: “Anything can happen. We just need to talk to the right people at FX.”

Archer: Danger Island will premiere on FXX in 2018.

Check out some pictures from the panel below!

Archer Co-Executive Producer Casey Willis, Lucky Yates (“Krieger/Crackers”), and Amber Nash (“Pam”)

Archer Executive Producer/Writer/Director Matt Thompson

Archer cast members Lucky Yates (“Krieger/Crackers”), Amber Nash (“Pam”), and Aisha Tyler (“Lana”).