Jelly Belly at New York Comic-Con 2017!

Jelly Belly at New York Comic-Con 2017!

I recently attended New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Kristen Cumings who is an insanely talented artist and was working on a jelly bean portrait of Superman for this year’s convention at the Jelly Belly jellybean booth.

Listen to the interview below!

Here’s a picture of Kristen, working on the Superman portrait – all coming together nicely!

Here’s the portrait of Wonder Woman.

Check out the finished product! Can you believe it’s all made from Jelly Belly jellybeans? I think Kristen did a sweet job!

You can follow Kristen on Instagram or Facebook.

Now I’m wondering what the 94.3 The Shark logo would look like in the jellybean medium…I’ll bet it would look pretty awesome!