Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Fresh Blood Playlist – Sunday, November 21st, 2021

I am looking for local music submissions!! If you’re in a local band in the New York or Long Island area and want your music to be featured on Fresh Blood, click here!

The Cast of “Bob’s Burgers” – “Kill The Turkey”

Taking Back Sunday – “My Name Is Jonas”

Joywave – “Cyn City 2000”

Palaye Royale – “No Love in L.A.”

They Might Be Giants – “Moonbeam Rays”

The Verve Pipe – “Love Will Find You Again”

VHS Collection – “Space Between Us”

Levvels – “Personal”

NHC – “Devil That You Know”

Simple Plan – “The Antidote”

Kulick – “Time To Go”

Franz Ferdinand – “Billy Goodbye”

Indie Dog – “Fly High”

Scorpions – “Peacemaker”

BRKN LOVE – “Dead Weight”

Atreyu – “Untouchable” (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)

Stabbing Westward – “I Am Nothing”

KORN – “Start The Healing”

Surfbort – “Big Star”

Warbly Jets – “LET GO :: BE FREE”

GFM – “Bones”

Autumn Reverie – “Speechless”

A Will Away – “Karma”

Hot Water Music – “Killing Time”

Mother Mother – “Life”

Day Wave – “Where Do You Go”

… and in our local spotlight...

WOV – “Red Roses”