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Crazy New, Crazy Alive

It's always a good day when you can turn on the radio and hear quality new music today from the same bands you fell in love with when you finally had the chance to choose the bands to worship. Metallica, Green Day, Korn, Seether, and Incubus all have new music out, and it's the type of music that reminds you of why you once hung their posters on your wall and bought five copies of the same cassette because it kept getting stuck in your car.

Well, there should be two types of Candlebox fans out there now. There are First Timers who hear their latest single 'Crazy' and react the way a teenager in 1993 did to 'Far Behind,' 'You,' and 'Cover Me.' There is also that same teenager who found his own way in 2017 who can smile knowing that their favorite band just put out a killer song that will make them hum all the way down the road...just from the driver's seat this time. Now, 'Crazy' is not 'Far Behind.' Not in a musical sense. It is slightly poppy, slightly edgy, very catchy, and short, at just over three and a half minutes long. It is however, very similar to 'Far Behind' in the sense that it's a song that will force you to remember a lost love, a fond memory, and where you were the first time you heard it. Disappearing In Airports was released last year and re-introduced an amazing band to an audience starved for rock. Today's audience is cynical, possibly spoiled, and quick to doubt, so if the first two singles, 'Vexatious' and 'Super Nova' chipped away at the negative nature of the Internet breed, 'Crazy' reached in, dragged us back to a time where word of mouth adulation took the place of Facebook 'likes' as a way to measure appreciation, and made us LISTEN. 'Crazy' is that song we, yes WE have needed. It is pop enough for the pop stations. Its Rock enough for the Rock Stations. It's hard to define, but easy to label. It's a DAMN GOOD SONG.

It's a song that says, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Candlebox. 'Crazy' is also one of six new songs featured on the new EP, Disappearing Live, a live EP where the bulk of the songs included derive from a concert recording on September 21, 2016 at The Paramount on Long Island, New York. The show was hosted by local Long Island rock radio station 94.3 The Shark, which was celebrating its fourth anniversary and insisted on doing it with a band universally loved and appreciated by its DJ's. Midday Personality Rob Rush can be heard being called out during another new song from Disappearing In Airports, 'I Want It Back.' The mutual appreciation between band and fans can be experienced over and over again the old fashioned way starting April 22. You can drive to a local Record Store and purchase it. A listing of all of the stores carrying it can be found at After that, you can buy it at and on all digital platforms.

This is a time to feel 'Alive At Last.' There is new music out there, with a familiar aura. There is a reason to drive to a local music store. There is a reason to tell your friend about a new song called 'Crazy.' There is life RIGHT NOW to be lived!

Included is an interview hosted by 94.3 The Shark Morning personality Orlando with Candlebox lead Singer Kevin Martin, about the new single, new live album, and a hilarious look into the misunderstood nature of drummers.

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